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Rise Up Television is one of America’s leading health and fitness ministry programs, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit and a registered member of The International Congress of Churches and Ministers. “Rise Up” inspires people to be complete, strong and healthy in every area of life . As gifted communicators, Jennifer and her husband Tiger are committed to helping people “Rise Up” to understand their value and position in Christ. Rise Up Daily TV has grown to a potential viewing audience of over 300 million households thanks to the continued support of partners and viewers. Jennifer’s newest DVD set “Health Shift” highlights the power of living life on purpose, and outlines the decisions that lead to greater health. Rise Up Daily TV is an inspiration to many, with relevant information, practical insight and the most up to date developments in health and nutrition. Jennifer is married to Tiger Webster, they make their home in Nashville, TN with their two beautiful daughters Mariah and Salena.

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