Jennifer is best known for hosting one of America's leading Christian Health and Fitness television programs and as an ordained minister is committed to helping others understand their value and position in Christ.  Rise Up Ministry began in 2008 and inspires Christians to be complete, strong and healthy in every area of life.  As a licensed Registered Dietitian, Jennifer is an inspiration to many who look to her for relevant health information, insight, as well as mentorship through television, conferences and guest appearances. Jennifer desires to promote spiritual and physical fitness within the body of Christ through the teaching of God's word as well as providing credible health information that will inspire others to take responsibility of one's health, spirit, soul and body.   



I grew up thinking that I was a Christian. As a child, I went to church but not understanding what it was really all about. I knew about Jesus and how He died for me. I sang the songs, read the scriptures and even prayed the prayers. I remember having an interest in the Bible and even wanting to know who God was and how He could be real to me, but I was living my life my way and making a mess of things! It was not until I came to a place where no one could help me but God. I came to the reality that I needed Him and I saw my life was not pleasing to Him. I really wanted to change. In October of 1994, in the middle of the night on my bathroom floor, I cried out to Jesus and asked Him to come in to my heart and be my Lord and Savior.

At that moment I had so much peace. I was now born again. I was so hungry for His word and wanted to get back in to church right away. I found a local church and began to get involved in Christian activities. A few years went by and life’s challenges began to meet me head on. I began to experience the same stress and depressive thoughts that I had battled prior to being born again. At the time, I did not understand why that was happening. I went through a series of stressful events and life changes that were meant to steal my joy, kill my faith and destroy my witness to others. I tried to reach out for help from other Christians but no one seemed to be able to help. At the time, I did not know about who God made me in Christ when I became born again. Looking back, those who I went to for help did not know this truth either. Because of my ignorance of the truth, I was not experiencing the fullness of the joy of my salvation. I was not living the victorious life that God had already provided for me through His son. I found myself out of fellowship with the Lord, living in unforgiveness, bitterness and depression out of fear from life’s circumstances.

There I was, in another pit! I wanted so badly to be right again with the Lord, but all I could hear was “you have gone too far” and “it is too late." I was once again in one of the lowest places in my life, but God heard my cry and He rescued me! I was lying in bed one night and was turning through the TV stations when I came across the Christian Television Network. There was this pastor of a local church that the Lord used to speak directly to me through the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I will never forget that moment. I knew he was talking to me. It was my direct situation. While he was speaking to me, the TV station went staticky! I could not hear or see him. I quickly grabbed the remote and all of the other stations were working except that one. I remembered this lady telling me about rebuking the devil. I never learned this at the church I went to. But, I said out loud, “Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” The TV came right back on. Looking back, the Lord showed me that He allowed that to happen to show me that I had the authority living inside me the whole time. I just did not know it. After listening to what he said, I fell to my knees and repented of my going astray. Every bit of depression and oppression left my body at that very moment. I was so full of the joy and the peace of God that I could not wait to share it with others!

Years have passed and because of His steadfast love, God has been faithfully directing my steps ever since. God has shown me in His word that I have all that I need in Him. Everything that I need, He has already provided it for me through Jesus. It was not meant for me to get saved and then walk through life being defeated by my situations and circumstances. God showed me that I did not get saved for my own convenience. He saved me for others! He saved me for an eternal purpose that can only be known by knowing Him. The Holy Spirit began to minister to me about rising up in who I am in Christ. When I rise up in who I am in Him then the glory of the Lord will rise upon me and it will draw others to Him. The Holy Spirit was showing me this and I allowed the word of God to renew my mind. I began to have experiences with the word and I began to see myself the way God sees me.

After seeking the Lord’s purpose for my life, the Holy Spirit began to reveal the vision of Rise Up Ministry to me. I battled for years with physical weight issues, but the Lord showed me that mental weights are heavier than the physical weight. Mental weight will hold you down from ever becoming what God intended for you to be. Mental weights are the cares of this world and the tormenting spirit of fear that comes as a result of worry and anxiety about tomorrow. Satan will lie to you and tell you that you are defeated and will not make it. Satan will tell you all kinds of junk and lies about you that are contrary to who you really are and what you really have in Christ! The Bible tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear. But as a child of God, you have been given a spirit of peace, love, power and a sound mind! Glory to God!