A Heart Positioned For The Call

The Bible calls David "a man after God's own heart" (Acts 13:22). I believe it was in the sovereign foundations that he spent tending and caring for the sheep in the field that was a beginning point for the development of the love he had in his heart for his God.

David was busy serving and working when Samuel showed up at Jesse's house looking for the one to anoint. David was a young boy when he was commissioned to become King but despite his youth the foundations that were seemingly laid during that time were strong enough to sustain him to go through what Clinton (2012) describes as phases that encompass many different process items.

Clinton (2012) states that "Leadership is a lifetime of lessons." (33) When we read the story of David, we can see that he truly had his share of "lessons" even if some were a result of poor decisions. Those lessons helped to mold and shape him as a leader and king. One would have to believe that it would have been David's heart position that enabled him to move forward and experience what Clinton describes as the convergence phase of ministry. (39)

Isn't it interesting that God called David out of that field where his heart was already positioned toward Him and not positioned in a "line up" to be anointed? Wouldn't it be the same for all who are seeking God to anoint and use them to just get their heart in a position where God can call them from?

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Flowing With Power

My understanding of a spirit empowered ministry comes from an inner connection the minister has personally with the Holy Spirit. 
I believe spirit filled ministry will always be an overflow of a minister's personal time spent in devotion with the Holy Spirit.

A great way to simplify what an empowered ministry is can be found in Mathew (2017), who states "A spirit filled ministry is an empowered ministry." Mathew (58) shares one of key's to understanding empowerment in ministry is to understand the impact of pentacost on the disciples of Jesus instruction to wait. Acts 13:52 tells us that the disciples were continually filled with the spirit and joy in the Holy Ghost. Ministers often liken the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit to "living water" or "streams of water flowing like a river" in a person's life or belly. These "streams of living water" to me represent a minister's steady and consistent flowing with the Holy Spirit in their own personal life.

In the past I have attended settings where the atmosphere felt like it was dead and the Holy Spirit was not even mentioned. I have also been in many services where I sensed the Holy Spirit moving and working to bring about His purposes and plans for the people. I could tell the ministers who yielded to the Holy Spirit from the beginning of the service were already yielded to him in their personal life.

Ultimately a spirit empowered minister will be most effective in the work of the ministry as they are in a continual flow of fellowship and yielding to the Holy Spirit. Isn't it the work of the Holy Spirit in the beginning of a believer's life that with a continual flow of fellowship will eventually empower that once "new babe" in Christ to become a spirit empowered minister of the Gospel?


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The Spirit Of The Lord Is Here

The life and ministry of Jesus give ministry leaders the ultimate model for Spirit-empowered ministry.  As leaders, we are disciples of Christ and we are commissioned to go and make new disciples.  Jesus commissioned his disciples to teach, preach and heal. (158) 

Mathew (2012) states that "Spirit-empowered ministry is preaching by a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit." (134) It is very common in our world today for us to see "pop up" preachers everywhere. We know that based on how God has set it up, it is not impossible for a person to preach the word of God but it is impossible for a person to preach the word of God effectively and powerfully without the anointing by the Spirit of God.

Mathew (2012) points out that "a good teacher must make room for the Holy Spirit in his or her classroom because the Spirit is the principal teacher who leads everyone to the truth." (140) So we see that without the Holy Spirit leading the service, ministry leaders could be operating out of their flesh and gifting but not out of the anointing.

As ministry leaders, we should desire to base our every approach and encounter of ministry upon the life and ministry model that Jesus gives to us. As we yield to the Holy Spirit and remain open vessels to be filled with His Spirit, wouldn't we then demonstrate all that He commissioned us to while we are His ambassadors here in this earth?


Mathew, Thomson K. 2017. Spirit-Led Ministry in the Twenty-First Century. Bloomington, IN: WestBow Press

Experiences by Faith Out of Love

I see the Holy Spirit working in my life more as I continue to yield myself to Him.  I have not been in a season that I did not need to use my faith.  I have noticed that as I yield, my faith increases and so does my trust in hearing His voice.  One of the biggest ways the Holy Spirit is working in my life is by cultivating a more intimate relationship with the Father by spending more time with Him.

When you love someone you will love to spend time with them. If we do not spend time with the Holy Spirit then it is more difficult to know Him. When we know that God loves us and we love Him, it is easier to walk by faith. It is impossible to live a victorious life without walking by faith because without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6) Voight (1988) tells us that "If your faith is not working, you need to examine your love life." (38) Faith without love may hinder the work of God. (39)

Years ago I went through a very hurtful and challenging situation. I drew closer to the Lord as a result of the trials. As I initially drew closer out of a "survival mode" my heart began to draw closer out of my desire to just be with Him and love Him. A lot of people seek the deliverance out of tough situations but not the deliver.

I am seeing many opportunities I have whether comfortable or not at times to display His love and character.  As a result, I am seeing more fruit in my personal life and in ministry service.  Wouldn't we believe that any opportunity we have to walk by faith is an opportunity to have another experience with His love?


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Walk It Out As I Hear It Out

Walking in the fullness of what God has put in my heart is one of the breakthrough's I am believing for in this phase on my journey with Him.  I believe He has already provided everything I need in Christ and as we have heard it said, "there is nothing missing, nothing lacking and nothing broken" in me because of the redemptive work of Christ.  I am in a place in my life where  I need to hear Him speak and I am listening more intently and obediently to follow His instructions on the first time I hear them.  I am learning that I need to "walk it out" as I "hear it out."  In other words, I have seen over the years where I have heard Him speak and show me something and then I delayed in my response or action and before I knew it had forgotten what I heard and had to hear it again on down the road only to have to act on what I heard the first time years later.  There is so much to take away from this course and the biggest take away for me has fortified my resolve to continue to draw closer to the Holy Spirit so that I can be Spirit-led and become Spirit-empowered in every work I put my hand to.  I love how Oral Robert's states, "God expects our immediate and wholehearted response."  "When a person receives a command from God, there is only one correct response: a quick, immediate, strong "yes" followed up by quick, immediate and intense action."  Once we know what God has called us to do, isn't it out of a place of trust that we should respond with a heart of obedience? 

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