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Exercise DVDs

Rise and Shine at the Beach Workout

Includes One Cardio and One Toning Workout along with standing stomach exercises and a 10 minute stretch!

Super Fit - 5 DVD set

Five DVD set includes Three Cardio and Two Toning Workouts along with stomach work and stretching!

10 Year Celebration Offer

We are celebrating 10 years of Ministry and for a limited time we are offering personal fitness companion guide along with a special edition Rise Up workout on DVD.

Mommy and Me Workout

A great way to get the kids up and moving!  Exercise and have fun while teaching your kids or grandchildren the importance of physical activity each day!

Audio CDs

Rise and Be Healed - Audio CD

Listen to the word of God anytime of the day! Over 100 Healing scriptures along with scriptures revealing who you are in Christ all with a beautiful piano instrumental in the background.

7 Secrets to Weight Loss - Audio CD

As a Registered Dietitian, Jennifer gives the 7 foundations for building upon good health, enabling you to lose unhealthy body fat and keep it off!

Simple Nutrition For Magnificent Health - Audio CD

God's will is for you to be healthy! Jennifer reveals simple yet effective nutrition tips to shift your health from mediocre to magnificent! If your goal is to lose weight, Jennifer also shares keys to improving your health with simple "'step by step" instructions!

Special Offer's

Special Edition Workout - 2018

Special Edition Workout

In celebration of our Rise Up  10 Year Anniversary Celebration-  Join Jennifer for a fun and calorie burning cardio workout! This one is her all time favorite workout!

**This is for all fitness levels!**


E Books


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